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This website seeks to make the IstroRomanian community better known to the outside world, and at the same time better understood by those among whom IstroRomanians live. You can help too by creating a direct link to this site from your webpage.

At the bottom of this page you will find two banners which we encourage you to include in your website. The size of these banners is the standard 468 x 60 pixels or 120 x 60 pixels. If you may desire a different size which would better fit the format and design of your website please send us a request.

In order to make a link to this web site:

  • click with the right mouse on the desired banner, and choose "Save picture as...";
  • save the graphic as banner.gif in your graphics folder of your website;
  • copy the code provided below beginning with: < !-- begin The IstroRomanians in Croatia banner code -->;
  • insert the code in your webpage in the desired place.


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